The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management (Volume 3)


Автор: M.S., Leslie O. Magsalay

Год: 2012

Дополнительные характеристики

430 стр.



The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management is a unique a??self paceda?? guide for executives and program management professionals. It has valuable information that contributes to improving definition and execution of the portfolio roadmap. The first Part of the book, a??Portfolio Executiona??, guides executives to a better understanding of the key role they play in defining the product portfolio and how to most effectively lead their Program Management Office. For PMO professionals it provides insight to the process that drives all of their efforts. The second Part of the book, a??Effective Product Life Cycle Processa??, provides an overarching framework for effective Phase Exits, product launches and program team management accompanied by the detailed a??how toa?? that enables program managers to bring products to market consistently. It is designed to be a??read with a pen,a?? inviting participation with an abundance of exercises, activities, assessments, cases and checklists. It also combines information for program managers, functional managers, executives and customers into a single package they can apply directly. This book should be used with The PMO Practice Templates, The PMO Practice Handbook and the PMO Journal for the full complement of tools. The author tackles the challenge of teaching the PLC framework so those involved in bringing new products to market, such as PMO executives and program management professionals, can plan and execute effectively. It is a baseline to manage the following challenges: a?? Portfolio Strategy: Provides insight into the strategic balancing and synchronization required to manage the portfolio of programs at all life cycle stages. a?? PLC Strategy: Provides the vision, objectives and context between the PLC framework and roles and responsibilities for Phase Exits and product launches. a?? Roles and Responsibilities: Provides guidance for program management and program teams on working collaboratively to deliver throughout the PLC and key roles of executive approval teams like the Product Approval Committee. a?? Phase Exit Reviews: Provides guidelines and a??how toa??sa?? on delivery, preparation and reporting, including recommended content for each Phase Exit Review. a?? Phase Exit Approval: Provides guidance for simplification of Phase Exit review and approval process. a?? Common language: Provides definitions of terms and processes used across organizations involved in product delivery in context and a glossary for easy reference. Whether you are currently a PMO professional, establishing and/or directing a PMO organization or are thinking about a career in program management, this book has the practical framework you need for new product introduction through obsolescence. It explains what is required for each phase of the process, how responsibilities are distributed and shared, how and how often the PMO organization should check in with the executives.


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