The Art and Practice of Economics Research: Lessons from Leading Minds


Автор: Simon W. Bowmaker

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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520 стр.
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Твердый переплет



The Art and Practice of Economics Research provides an in-depth look into the research methods of leading economists from across the United States and Europe. This innovative volume contains 25 interviews with practicing economists, presenting insightful personal accounts into an often-misunderstood field. Contributors to this volume were asked to reflect on their own experience in economics research, including their methods of working, the process of scientific discovery and knowledge creation, and the challenges of successfully disseminating their work. The unique and compelling interview format showcases each contributor's personal connection to his or her work, presenting a view of current economics research that is technical, comprehensive, and refreshingly human. Both students and current scholars in economics will find much to admire in this book's window into the inner workings of some of the brightest and best-known minds in the field. This volume would also make a great companion to the author's 2010 book, The Heart of Teaching Economics, which showcases the personal experiences of teachers and professors of economics.


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