Thailand: Berlitz Handbook


Издательство: Apa Publications

Год: 2011

Дополнительные характеристики

304 стр.



Berlitz Handbook Thailand is the ultimate practical, inspirational guide to this unforgettable destination, with 304 pages combining authoritative narrative detail and stunning color photography. What sets the guide apart is the illuminating Unique Experiences section, packed full of practical advice on how to make the most of all the opportunities unique to Thailand - from diving deep into the Andaman Sea to learning Thai boxing and riding an elephant through the jungle.
The guide starts with a rundown of Thailand's Top 25 Attractions, ranging from the historic temples of Chiang Mai to Ko Phangan's legendary beach parties. In the Trip Planner you'll find itineraries outlining how best to maximise your time in Thailand, whether you're embarking on a week-long shopping jaunt or a one-month Grand Tour.
The Places Section divides Thailand into eight regions - starting in the endlessly surprising capital city of Bangkok and finishing up in the off-the-beaten-track but fascinating Northeast Thailand. Each chapter is color-coded for easy reference, and features everything you'll need to know about the sights and attractions in the area as well as maps to help you get around and carefully chosen listings of the best places to sleep, eat, drink and get active. The Places section is interspersed with fully mapped tours, suggesting a great route such as a walk through the old Thai capital of Ayutthaya; and Cultural Spreads that give a striking insight into an element of Thailand's culinary, artistic, sporting or popular culture, from Buddhism to elephants to lady-boys.
Further practical advice is provided in a chapter dedicated to accommodations, transportation, health and safety, money and budgeting, responsible travel, and family holidays. The Setting the Scene chapter is devoted to Thailand's historical and cultural background, plus information on the country's cuisine.
Finally, a handy 8-page Phrasebook section provides a wealth of language expertise for which the Berlitz brand is famous.


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