Success at Any Age: The Baby Boomer's (and Gen Y) Guide to becoming an Overnight Success


Автор: Norm Bour

Год: 2012

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208 стр.



The Guide is about becoming an overnight success- after 25 years of trying. It is about hope and perseverance and focused on Boomers to share their challenges and their successes and demonstrate that their best years are not behind them. It is also about the Millennial Generation who have been able to create and grow a successful company in a much shorter time. These Bookend Generations have much to share with each other and with direction and focus we can create economic powerhouses. It is about success, and failures and states: You may lose confidence, but never lose HOPE. Norm Bour is a highly unemployable entrepreneur who three years ago saw his 30-year career disintegrate. Real estate, mortgages, financial services and a weekly radio show all disappeared within months and he had no idea what to do. Over the past three years he developed training and educational programs in partnership with SBA, SCORE, local cities and chambers of commerce, all geared towards helping businesses identify their challenges and reinvent themselves as he had to do. He has experienced few successes and many failures which motivated him to write his book, Success at Any Age: The Baby Boomer's (and Gen Ys) Guide to becoming an Overnight Success as a way of sharing some of those experiences. Writing the Guide brought a whole new set of revelations and even though the book is focused on Boomers it speaks to the Generation X and Generation Ys out there and shows how we can all work with each others' strengths. With the Power of 72 million Boomers and 80 Million Gen Ys, can we become a NEW economic powerhouse? The answer is yes and the goal is a Two-Year Plan of Success. The Bookend Generations, The Boomers and the Millennials, have much more in common that we realize and the outcome is Entrepreneurial Incubators: Paving the way to Economic Recovery.


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