Smart Guide To Mastering eBay


Автор: Marcus Nieves

Год: 2012

Дополнительные характеристики

272 стр.



There are literally hundreds of books about eBay. How to use eBay, how to sell, how to buy, how to make small businesses, virtually every possible use for eBay. While I would love to explore every facet of eBay as well as provide every detail to provide a completely comprehensive encyclopedic reference book to eBay, alas, I must narrow it down to the basics lest my book become the next War And Peace. This book is different. It will speak to the most learned of computer literate people to those who have never touched an e-commerce site. In this book you will learn those basics. You will learn the most useful part of eBay (and arguably the reason of it's inception), how to buy. You will learn what has become a big business option, how to sell on eBay. You will learn the different ways you can sell, the different reasons you would use different ways to sella?¦ essentially, much of the book will revolve around selling because let's face it, eBay has become a fantastic venue for generating supplemental or even primary income. There are many millionaires eBay has created and you could easily be one of them (I bet that got your attention). You will even learn how to build an eBay store, a store that is run solely by you. You will learn how clientele will be coming not by word of mouth, but a system eBay created called feedback (which is tantamount to a credit score). All you will learn will be brought to you in a language devoid of techno babble and computer jargon because that is the very nature of eBay, for John and Jane Q. Public. What techno speak there will be will be thoroughly explained. Welcome to the world of eBay. I know you'll love it.


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