Shine! Healthcare Leadership Distilled: Increase your Bottom-line Through Improved Leadership


Автор: Matthew J. Hess

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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156 стр.
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Healthcare has a history of promoting employees because they excel in their clinical role. Yet when they move into a leadership role they often lack the training to make those around them better. Matt has the insight, creativity and tools to teach managers to become leaders who positively impact their organizations Michael C. Patterson CEO with 30 years' experience with American Medical Int. Tenet, CHS, and not-for-profit SHINE! offers a unique perspective on leadership dynamics that specifically outlines the tools and skill sets necessary to master leadership roles. From explaining the fundamentals of leadership to identifying and exploring the intimate details necessary for leadership growth and development, Matt has created a complete and comprehensive guide that is a must read for new and seasoned leaders who wish to be the best leaders they can be. In 30+ years of healthcare management, SHINE! is the best resource available for aspiring leaders to become great leaders no matter their area of expertise Dr. Ronald J. Rejzer President of Physician Practices, Administrative Director of Hospitalist programs, and CMO for many prominent healthcare organizations Over my career I've seen a major deficit in leadership training. Often the best clinical applicant is promoted and expected to become a leader on the job. Matt has developed a concise leadership system that provides MBA quality tools in a nutshell. I recommend the SHINE! Leadership Academy to any facility that is seeking a cost-effective approach to better leadership Tom Thompson CFO for 25 years with HCA, Lifepoint, Epic, and other for-profi t hospitals As a participant in the SHINE! Leadership Academy, I gained valuable insight into the complexities of healthcare leadership which immediately translated into more confidence and effectiveness from me and improved satisfaction from my employees Jude Ziolkowski Doctor of Pharmacy, BCPS - Director of Phar


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