Secrets of Mercy Hall


Автор: Garth Edwards

Издательство: Inside Pocket Publishing Limited

Год: 2011

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192 стр.



Where is the lever to the Hedge? shouted Jethro Barking as he towered over them...I'll feed you to the sharks, I'll hang you by your feet, I'll give you to the Muttons, one by one 'till you tell me. The orphanage is in trouble again, this time financial trouble. George, Milly, Tommy and Singer go back through the Hedge in search of the diamond traders of the No Good Lands. But danger lurks in every corner: Snakeheads guard the trade route, and the Robes and their old adversary, Jethro Barking, are hot on their trail. Help is at hand from their old friends, Drago and Batty, and some new ones, like the walking, talking Polytrees, the brave little Jambacks and Tod Beanpole, the out-of-control rocket boy who lives on the mountain. And thanks to the Rainbow Cave, the children now have strange powers of their own...Can the children make it to the No Good Lands, find the diamonds and save the orphanage? Or will they captured by the Robes and put once again at the mercy of mean old Jethro? Read on!


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