Secret Online Marketing Handbook for Business Owners (Volume 2)


Автор: Josh Tracy

Год: 2012

Дополнительные характеристики

32 стр.



Ever tried creating a website for your business that tried to get customers but didn't get any results? Ready to uncover the knowledge, the tools, and the tactics used to build sites that get you customers in YOUR AREA? This jam packed guide gives you the pure facts, resources, websites, tools, and guides needed to create a website for yourself or hire someone credible for you! Inside you'll find... - The secrets and shocking discoveries from 3 years worth of work from an internet marketer dedicated to lead generation through websites! - 3 HIDDEN TECHNIQUES needed to dominate search engines like Google and get your pages found online WITHOUT having to pay for Adwords! - Systems for CONVERTING website visitors into clients you can reach! - A STEP-BY-STEP ACTION GUIDE to creating websites using a strict formula for success! - A HIRING GUIDE to bring in a person/company that actually knows whats their doing! - The EXACT TOOLS, websites, and desktop programs used by an internet marketer with 3 years of experience! SKIP 3 YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR! Buy Today!


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