Rough Guide Thai Phrasebook


Автор: Rough Guides

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Rough Guides

Год: 2011

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248 стр.
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The Rough Guide Phrasebook Thai is the definitive phrasebook to help you make the most of your time in Thailand. Whether you want to book a hotel room, ask what time the train leaves or buy a drink from the bar, this new phrasebook will help you communicate with the locals in no time with a dictionary of over 5,000 words. The free audio downloads, recorded by native Thai speakers, can be downloaded to your computer or MP3, allowing you to listen to the correct pronunciation of essential dialogues, ideal for practicing before you go or while you're there. There's even a regional pronunciation guide and Rough Guide travel tips, so wherever you are you can get around and speak the lingo. The Rough Guide Phrasebook Thai has an extensive two-way dictionary packed with vocabulary and a helpful menu and drinks list reader, perfect for choosing the right dish in any restaurant. With this phrasebook in your pocket you'll never run out of things to say! Make the most of your trip to Thailand with The Rough Guide Phrasebook Thai.


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