Rethinking Economics: World Economy (Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner)


Автор: Rudolf Steiner

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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220 стр.
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As we are entering an age of social, economic, and ecological disruption at this early stage of the twenty-first century, many people are beginning to realize that perhaps the most important root causes for this crisis originate in an economic thinking that is increasingly out of touch with the social, ecological, and spiritual realities of our time. How, then, can we rethink and redefine the fundamental economic concepts that frame our discussions and shape our key institutions in society today? This is the big question on the table today.Rudolf Steiner's lectures on economics may not seem like the most accessible reading, yet they offer a largely unused gold mine of fresh economic ideas that could not be more timely and relevant. Here is a little ten-point guide that outlines some key ideas that he develops throughout these lectures.


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