New Leadership DNA.: Developing Enlightened Leaders


Автор: Brenda Hattingh. Ph.D.

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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422 стр.
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Leadership is all about influencing people to move in a specific direction. As we all have influence, we all have a leadership role to fulfil. Currently a major genetic migration within the human species is taking place. This is giving rise to a new level of consciousness and a generation who are highly evolved and who can think for themselves. This demands new leaders with a new leadership approach and even a New Leadership DNA. At the same time, research provides proof that we have the true essence of success and quality leadership already encoded into our DNA. We have a guide-spot, an inner GPS, where we can connect to higher wisdoms and gain direct access to universal guidance and direction. All we need is the correct understanding, skills and tools to find the way and to assist others. A power-shift is also taking place as a shift in consciousness. Currently, leadership is moving from ego-centred values of a?


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