Minorities in Entrepreneurship: An International Review


Автор: Glenice Wood, Marilyn Davidson, Sandra Fielden

Год: 2012

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232 стр.



Although there is an expanding body of literature on the characteristics, aspirations, motivations, challenges and barriers of mainstream entrepreneurs, relatively little is known about whether these findings can be applied to the entrepreneurial activities of minority groups. This book addresses this short-fall and presents an international review of the characteristics, motivations and obstacles of eight minority groups: younger; older; women; ethnic; immigrant; lesbian, gay and bisexual; disabled; and indigenous entrepreneurs. The expert contributors discover enormous variability between these minority groups, such as in the motivators that either 'pushed' or 'pulled' individuals into an entrepreneurial venture, as well as diverse attitudes toward 'success': some groups wanted to achieve financial security - others wanted to enhance their sense of self-worth, or to change existing social and economic circumstances. However, some striking similarities were noted: initial disadvantage often created a powerful impetus to starting up a business venture, and accessing finance was extremely difficult for many. Including comparative cross cultural data and case studies on the various minority groups reviewed, both post graduate students and undergraduate students studying entrepreneurship will find this book an invaluable resource. In addition, it will also be of interest to policy makers, governments and all those who wish to comprehend the nature of small business ownership for a wide range of minority business owners.


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