Institutional Economics: Property, Competition, Policies Second Edition


Автор: Wolfgang Kasper, Manfred Streit, Peter Boettke

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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608 стр.
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Твердый переплет



This thoroughly revised, extended and updated edition of a critically acclaimed textbook provides an accessible and cohesive introduction to the burgeoning discipline of institutional economics. Requiring only a basic understanding of economics, this lucid and well-written text will be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students wanting to understand the problems of the real world - such as entrepreneurship, innovation, the cost of the welfare state, international financial crises, and economic development. As institutional economics is now revolutionizing policymaking, the book can also serve as a guide to the pressing problems facing policymakers in mature and emergent countries alike. Key features include: - A short 'Primer' at the beginning of each chapter to highlight the main issues and their relevance. - Key Concepts such as 'institutions', 'economic order', 'coordination costs', 'competition' and 'public policy' are highlighted and clearly defined. - International coverage is ensured as the three authors, experienced academic teachers, work in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific.


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