How to Profit from the Art Print Market


Автор: Barney Davey

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Bold Star Communications

Год: 2011

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302 стр.
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Отдельное издание
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Visual artists will discover new art career opportunities here. The 2nd edition of How to Profit from the Art Print Market has been completely rewritten. It includes four additional chapters with new content and innovative ways to sell fine art reproductions and digital fine art giclee prints. Its content is geared to generate print sales for artists and fine art photographers.
Readers will find:

  • Rock solid guidance designed to help visual artists and fine art photographers succeed in today's changing market conditions.
  • Ways to effectively coordinate publicity, social media and email marketing to ratchet up sales, including how to sell art online.
  • A huge list of nearly 500 business and marketing resources for visual artists.
  • Practical solutions designed to help artists generate regular repeat sales of fine art reproductions in any economy.
  • Straightforward suggestions on how to control the distribution of artist's work.
    This new edition is full of invaluable insights, examples and resources to help throw light on the mysterious world of art print marketing. Barney Davey uses the experiences and perspective from decades of advising and observing leading art publishers and print artists to guide artists towards making informed decisions.

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