Fusion - The New Way of Marketing


Автор: David Taylor, David Miles

Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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182 стр.
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Fusion is effective business communications in the social media age. Confused by online marketing? Think social media is for kids? Worried your website is not up to the job? Want to know how to reach the widest possible audience for the lowest possible cost? Then it is essential that you read this book. The development of modern websites, the appearance of social networking sites, and the emergence of pay-per-click as the modern face of advertising, have completely revolutionised the way we all communicate with the world around us. Fusion will help you understand this new world order. Topics covered include: a?? Why you should do business online a?? The background to the modern media landscape a?? Use of websites and social media a?? Establishing your brand online a?? Networking face-to-face and online a?? Creating a social media culture a?? Protecting and managing your brand online a?? Using AdWords to drive potential customers to your website


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