Издательство: Apa Publications

Год: 2011

Дополнительные характеристики

336 стр.



This fully updated new edition features illuminating text written by expert, local writers alongside over 250 brand new and inspiring full-colour photographs that will bring Finland's people and places to life, at the turn of a page. The top attractions are highlighted in a dedicated, illustrated feature enabling you to plan your trip priorities and ensuring you see the very best Finland has to offer. A brand new 'Editor's Choice' section features exclusive recommendations on many unique Finnish travel experiences, including outdoor adventure activities and attractions for families. An in-depth 'Places' section covers the entire country, from the charming and diverse capital of Helsinki to the magical forests and fast-flowing rivers of Lapland. All the principal sites are conveniently cross-referenced by number to accompanying full-colour maps throughout the guide to enable instant orientation and easy navigation at a glance. Attractive colour-coded sections contain fascinating features that explore the country's intriguing history and culture, from the arrival of the early Finns, to its evolution into a modern and cosmopolitan European state. A comprehensive 'Travel Tips' section provides essential practical information, covering transport, visas and passports, accommodation for all budgets, climate, the arts, language and much more, along with useful contact telephone numbers to help you book activities in advance. The unique combination of insightful exploration alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit.


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