City In Transition


Автор: Frank Akpadock

Год: 2012

Дополнительные характеристики

376 стр.



In a climate of scarce financial resources, where federal and state fiscal assistance to cities has dwindled quantitatively, all civic leaders must somehow find a way to provide long-term vision, a good business climate, and diverse economic development planning strategies to grow their cities' economies. Such plans should be strategically flexible and adaptable to change, yet strong enough to withstand the whirlwinds and vicissitudes of the constantly changing national and global economies. Youngstown, Ohio, achieved its success through the visionary leadership of its city mayors, who partnered with local University leadership, tapping into their invaluable assets of knowledge capital and technology transfer capacities, while at the same time mobilizing public support from labor, businesses, foundations, and other entrepreneurial stakeholders to provide assistance with the city's economic recovery. City in Transition is a landmark testimonial assessment of tried and true economic development strategies of Youngstown mayors' visionary leaderships to revive and grow the city's declining economy following its steel mill closings in the late 1970s. Economic development strategies together with city-size reclassification into a smaller post-industrial city, created a classic leadership story of foresight that transcended the city's economic regeneration per se, to garner both national recognition and international attention.


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