Brand Extensions: Keys to success in international marketing


Автор: Carolin Wobben

Год: 2012

Дополнительные характеристики

108 стр.



Revision with unchanged content. Over the last decades, an increasing number of international companies have striA­ved to capitalize on the value of their most real and marketable assets: their brands. Urged to withstand the pressure of intensifying global comA­peA­tiA­tion, various managers have thus chosen to pursue growth strategies based on the exploitation of equity inherent in their existing brands. Brand extensions defined as the use of established brand names to penetrate new product categories have become the preferred strategic alternative for such business expansion. While there is a large number of successful brand extensions substantiating the strategya??s popularity, there have also been significant marketplace failures of newly launched extension products. Which factors determine the potential success of an extension? What has to be taken into account when implementing a brand extension strategy? The auA­thoress Carolin Wobben answers these questions by illustrating and aA­naA­lyA­sing the relevant determinants of success and by giving guidelines for the planA­ning and realisation of a brand extension strategy. The paper is addressed to Marketing students who look for a compedious inA­sight into the topic of brand extensions as well as to strategic decision-maA­kers of all companies.


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