Berlitz: Oslo Pocket Guide


Автор: Nina Kay Berglund

Издательство: Apa Publications

Год: 2011

Дополнительные характеристики

144 стр.



This fully revised and updated Berlitz Pocket Guide is packed with all the information you need to enjoy Oslo, in a genuinely pocketable format. Places to go and unmissable attractions are explored within easy-to-use, colour-coded sections, so you can locate the information you need at a glance. The capital's top attractions are identified to help you plan your trip priorities and ensure you see the very best museums, natural beauty and more. From the city centre and along the Fjord to the marka beyond, all areas are covered in depth alongside full-colour photographs that provide a highly visual introduction to this stunning destination. Full colour fold-out maps are also included to provide instant orientation wherever you are. A concise history chapter and the handy cultural tips throughout combine to give you a deeper understanding of the city's heritage, from Vikings to Ibsen and Munich. There are also plenty of ideas for how to spend your leisure time such as a visit to the Opera House or skiing at Tryvann Winter Park and activities for children too. The Eating Out chapter recommends local specialities and includes a useful menu reader to help you place your orders. The comprehensive Travel Tips section provides an A-Z summary of all the expert practical advice you will need, including reliable recommendations of hotels and restaurants to suit all budgets, information on climate, health, transport, currency, language and much more. Small in size but big on content, this guide will help you truly get to the heart of this exciting capital and all it has to offer.


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