Academic Ethos Management: Building the Foundation for Integrity in Management


Автор: Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch

Язык: Английский

Год: 2012

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150 стр.
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This topical and much needed book constitutes an important part of the debate on the integrity in an academic context as a sine qua non of responsible management education. This discussion in management education occurred partly in reaction to highly publicized corporate scandals and instances of management misconduct that have eroded public faith. Concomitantly, management scholars and educators have begun to question the assumptions underlying the traditional management education, which in their view not only contributed to a recent moral crisis but has also failed to prepare students and executives for coping with the responsible leadership challenges and ethical dilemmas that face managers in contemporary corporations. The last decade, which might be called an epoch of moral catastrophes, sets for universities the stage for effectively performing their missions through conscious and consequent incorporating the core values of university into academic activities. This book discusses with stimulating examples how universities should bring alive their core values. Using case studies and examples from universities from all over the world, this book offers what few other title are able to offer: practical advice and guidance, explaining in detail how administrators and educators should discover, articulate and institutionalization (implementation, securing and controlling by creating adequate policies, procedures process etc.) university core values into academic daily activities and create a foundation for academy integrity. The universities, educators and instructors committed to socially responsible management education will find many valuable tools and pragmatic strategies to effectively spread practices of integrity based on university core values across organizational institutions. It provides as well valuable teaching case studies and should be used by course leaders at undergraduate, master's and MBA level in all business schools.


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